Bronya AquaBlock

Polymeric waterproofing for effective protection against moisture .

  • Water barrier
  • Highly elastic(220%)
  • Non-Flammable
  • Vapor Permeable
  • Non-toxic,UV-,Salt-,& acid resistance
  • Bronya AquaBlock not affected by sunlight, humidity, temperature changes
Effective protection against moisture

Applied like a paint - works like a thermal barrier!

  • Polymeric waterproofing Bronya AquaBlock designed for interior and exterior applications and is applied for cement screed, concrete, metal, plastic, wood, old surface waterproofing and other roofing materials for waterproofing of the Foundation, walls, floors, roofs, interpanel seams, as this determines the strength and durability of construction. Reliable waterproofing will prevent damp and mildew, corrosion, and destruction of building structures, undesired penetration of water into adjoining premises, and therefore will help to avoid untimely repairs.
  • For waterproofing walls and/or roof polymer hidroizolatii for you. They can be used to create a durable insulating layer over a large area, and for sealing joints, seams, cracks and inner surfaces of tiles, panels and other decorative materials. For waterproofing walls inside buildings advantageous to apply the Polymer waterproofing Bronya AquaBlock, which is characterized by strength and durability, excellent performance of waterproofing, plasticity, adhesion.
  • Advantages
  • The solvent in the Polymeric waterproofing Bronya AquaBlock water, so it has a sharp odor and is harmless (which should be considered when selecting materials for repair, especially if there can be elderly family members, children, allergies).
  • • The surface of the Bronya AquaBlock has no seams, therefore, it protects from leaks;
  • • Elasticity reaches 220%, this indicates the high strength of the coating
  • • Gidroizolyator can be applied to any surface, due to the high adhesion. The base can be absolutely anything;
  • • Easy installation. Application of gidroizolyator is painting work, and thus saving on labor costs.
  • • • Bronya AquaBlock not affected by sunlight, humidity, temperature changes
  • • High speed of work;
  • • Bronya AquaBlock easy to apply by brush, roller, trowel and spray.
After applying Bronya AquaBlock turns into a strong and durable coating that is not exposed to atmospheric and mechanical influences. It is both durable and elastic material that does not lose its characteristics during operation.

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