Thermal insulation Bronya Facade ..

  • only 1 mm layer thickness corresponds to insulation of 80 mm
  • easy processing (brush, roller or airless device)
  • good adhesion on almost all surfaces
  • non-combustible, UV-resistant, diffusion-proof
  • atoxic and purely ecological(certificate "blue angel")


Applied onto concrete surface 1mm at a time!

  • Extra-fine thermal insulation Bronya Facade. This is the first in the world extra-fine ceramic thermal insulating material which can be applied by 1mm layer at a time and which has vapor permeability of a high-quality facade paint. Extra-fine thermal insulation Bronya Facade has been developed especially for concrete surfaces. Due to high heatreflective properties and reduced labor costs for coat application if compared to similar extra-fine thermal insulators at least by half, it will be the best solution for construction professional thermal insulation for you and your clients.
  • Extra-fine thermal insulation Bronya Facade is an extra-fine liquid ceramic thermal insulating material which can be applied by 1 to 3mm layers at a time (which depends on application type) and which has vapor permeability of a high-quality facade paint (0.03). Bronya Facade is a weather-resistant high-viscous compound specially developed for thermal insulation of vertical surfaces. The coat applied inside and outside of a wall forms single jointless surface and preserves heat all over the room what has a positive effect on microclimate.
  • Bronya Facade reflects up to 80% of visible solar and infra-red radiation spectrum. It results in significantly reduced indoor heating in summer time and lower conditioning expenditures, and in winter time it can reduce heat loss by up to 30%. Thermal insulation Bronya Facade is a long-life material having high adhesion to any construction materials and repellent properties along with good vapor permeability.
  • Liquid ceramic thermal insulation Bronya Facade is used for heat insulation of plastered, concrete, brick, wooden and other surfaces of enclosing structures of buildings and constructions when for inside and outside jobs. Ceramic thermal insulation
Bronya Facade can be covered with emulsion-based acrylic Application of Bronya Facade helps to: - ensure thermal insulation both inside and outside a wall; - preserve usable area size (with indoor thermo insulation); - not increase structural unit load; - insulate facades of complicated architectural solutions (including reconstruction works); - improve premises thermal comfort; - reduce expenditures and time for construction works.



Bronya Facade

    The resistance of the coating to the effect of the drop temperatures from -40 ° С to +60 ° С Appearance of the coating without changes
    Durability for concrete and metal surfaces in the moderately cold climatic region (Moscow) years not less than 15
    Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material W / m ° С 0.0012
    Material vapor conductivity coefficient mg/m h Pa 0,003
    Surface temperature during material application FROM +7 to +120
    Operating temperature FROM -60 to +120
    Density of the material at a temperature of 20 ° C, kg/m3 600±10%
    Mass fraction of volatile substances, not more than % 43
    The hydrogen index of the material рН 7,5-11,0
    Drying time and film formation at 20±2° С, min h 24
    Coating adhesion by peel strength, not less than

    - to concrete and brick surface

    - to steel



    Coating resistance to static action at temperature (20 ± 2) ° С,

    - Water

    - 5% NaOH solution

    Appearance of the coating