Bronya light

Thermal insulting filling compound Bronya Light..

  • Significant reduction of heat loss
  • Elimination of thermal bypass
  • Protection of enclosing structures from hostile conditions and structural damage
  • Reduction of labor costs and time to perform works in comparison with other methods.
  • Layer thickness can be up to 3mm at one run;
  • The coat will dry faster if the temperature raises to 50-60° С;
  • The material can be agitated by a construction mixer at any revolutions

Heat-sound-proof putty. Applied in very thick layers, perfectly aligns the surfaces.

Background of the thermal insulating filling compound Bronya Light

  • Market today offers a wide variety of materials which help solving thermal insulation tasks. One of these is aerogel or so called "nanogel". It is a thermal insulating component with a very low heat conductivity index which tends towards zero due to considerably decreased convection..
  • Extra-fine insulation Bronya Classic is highly effective for insulation of building sides, roofs, internal walls, window jambs, concrete floors, hot and cold water supply pipelines, steam pipelines, ducting for air conditioning systems, cooling systems, various vessels, tanks, trailers, refrigerators and etc. It is used to avoid condensing on cold water supply pipelines and to decrease heat loss in pursuance of Construction Norms and Regulations (SNiP) in heating systems.
  • Main aerogel properties:
  • Light weight;
  • Resistance to temperature differences;
  • High-temperature stability;
  • High strength;
  • Very low heat conductivity.
  • Nanogel powder is a base of the modification thermophyisical properties in the thermal insulating filling compound Bronya Light line - through an electronic microscope.
  • This is perhaps the best material for thermal insulation purposes: light, quite fast, rust- and mold-resistant, non-flammable and certainly unsinkable. Aerogel can drastically decrease heat loss during use of buildings and

Bronya Light outstanding features.

Bronya Light outstanding features.

  • An outstanding feature of the Bronya Light modification differentiating it from other Bronya modifications is the following:
  • Thermophysical properties of 2-3mm of Bronya Light are identical to those of 100-150mm of brickwork.
  • Surface temperature can be measured by any meter.
  • Usage of thermal insulating filling compound is cost-efficient (for solving additional winterization issues) compared to almost any insulation as the cost of warm filling compound Bronya Light is comparable to regular plasters.
  • It can be used with surfaces which require light insulation (to eliminate cold wall effect, frost penetration and formation of condensate during severe frost) and also where thermophysical properties would require less than 1mm of LCTI Bronya (Facade or Classic).
  • Filling and thermal insulating works can be performed simultaneously cutting down labor costs significantly .
  • The material can be applied using plaster sprayers and airless spraying machines at high pressure.
  • Layer thickness can be up to 3mm at one run;
  • The coat will dry faster if the temperature raises to 50-60° С;
  • The material can be agitated by a construction mixer at any revolutions;

What could not be made before, now is possible with Bronya Light!

1. Floor insulation using "warm floor" system.
2. Building walls will be insulated and plastered in one run if using Bronya Light.
3.Roof insulation

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