Thermal insulation of trailers, wagons, etc.. vehicles

Thermal insulation Bronya Facade ..

  • When transporting cargo at low temperatures and to far distances with a high risk of its damage, insulation of vehicles is required in order to create vacuum inside a van, a trailer truck or a trailer. It means that you can save valuable and perishable goods independently of season and also reduce heat release and loss from hermetically sealed space.

Application object
Solved tasks

Wagons, containers, trailers

■ Insulates and eliminates condensate formation

■ Protects coated surface from adverse effect of ambient conditions

■ Maintains required temperature

■ Protects from atmospheric precipitation.

■ Trailer trucks, tank wagons and other means of transport

■ Creates seamless coat

■ Protects from mold, fungus and other microorganisms

■ Protects from corrosion

■ Extends service life

■ Isolates from direct sunlight