Thermal insulation of industrial equipment

Thermal insulation of industrial equipment
  • Thermal insulation of equipment is widely used in power engineering, chemical, oil processing, metallurgical, food and other industries. Bronya is used for insulation of the following units: steam boilers, gas ducts, steam and gas turbines, heat exchangers, hot water accumulator tanks, discharge chimneys. In manufacturing industry, vertical and horizontal process units, pumps, heat exchangers, tanks for water, oil and oil products require thermal insulation.
  • Besides, liquid ceramic thermal insulator Bronya can be used in processes with low-temperature and cryogenic equipment where requirements for insulation quality are the highest.
  • Except power saving, thermal insulation of process equipment ensures a possibility to maintain a process at specified parameters, helps to create safe working conditions, reduces loss of easily evaporated oil products in tanks and allows for liquefied gas storage in an isothermal container. Bronya can isolate:

    ■ Heat exchangers;

    ■ Furnaces (reforming furnaces, kilns, etc.);

    ■ Freezers;

    ■ Ventilation systems;

    ■ Boilers;

    ■ Other equipment.