About us

About Us..

We at Geometo India Pvt Ltd is professional Business Partner with Ms Innicier and Bronya, Russia. we are working in various innovative product sales in Indian market.our all products base is internationally renowned brands. here we are giving some details of our innovative Heat Insulation s.our all products are duly certified on EU norms.

We provide heat insulation with composite ceramic silica-based insulating coatings, applied the same as paints. The resulting dried thin film of the material is UV-resistant, non- flammable and Atoxic. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of the coating λ is 0.0010 W / m × K. This means a layer of 1 mm thickness corresponds to thermal insulation of 80 mm of standard insulation (e.g. ETICS with polystyrene WLG 035).

we have been able to serve numerous industries.
  • Automobile & Forging Companies
  • Food processing Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals companies
  • Household and Industrial Painting
  • LPG Bullets & Pipelines

Our Services


  • Environment and our fellow human beings are valuable to us :
  • atoxic (not mixed with toxic substances)
  • "Blue Angel" certified
  • Environmentally friendly materials such as flax and ceramics are used


  • simple processing and large, combinable impact :
  • thermal insulation
  • noise reduction ,fire barrier
  • water resistance,surface protection


  • Solutions for construction, industry and technical maintenance :
  • Coatings adhere to almost every surface
  • Modular wall and ceiling systems can be flexibly used and dismantled